Education As A Basic Necessity

As per our knowledge the basic necessity of any human being is food, shelter and clothing. And in this raw new element has been added and that is ‘Education’. Not every other man in India is educated and that’s the drawback of this country. As to survive in this hugely populated country one need to have proper education to be in a good post.

Before the companies used to call the people to join them and now it’s totally upside down. As, for a single post 1000s of people apply. It has become a hunky dowry situation in which not everyone get a chance. When there is the availability of the various jobs in the field that we like, the problem here is the number of applicants applying for the same.

When it’s the situation of inflation the economy takes a different turn and only the eligible one is able to survive. There are many B. Tech graduates or MBA graduates, many people go for Masters in some foreign countries and also few opt for PHD’s. The number of highly educated person is increasing day by day and the people who are illiterate have no chance to fit in this changing world.
It’s been said that after few years the number of the people below 31 years will be more than the rest. That is there will be more number of youth which means that the competition will be more and thus, everyone needs to be the best in what they do in order to survive.

In India the family depends on the males but as of now even though the female is contributing to the family it’s not enough and so here the question arises as to where have we gone wrong.

A New Industry: Education

From the past few decades India has gone through several changes. Many new companies came into existence and many industries were tapped, compared to the previous ones. It is true, that the companies have been an asset for the country but, till which extent? It’s not that they are not contributing to the GDP of the nation. But, the question here is that by how much percent.
In the present scenario when the world is facing different economic changes it’s hard to define which company is more beneficial as, at one point of time you are in the top and at the very moment somebody else has taken your place
Education has also evolved as the part of this world. Where, there are many competitors trying to win over the other. Before there used to be only few institutes for which common people had to struggle to get admissions. Now there are plenty of it and now, people needs to select where they want to get admission. Options are available but the thing is which one is good for you. The institutes offer different courses in every field that you can think of. And every institute promises that they are offering the best.

The matter of fact is that education has become a new trend now, and every Tom, Dick and Harry is running their own institutes. It’s really hard to find out which one is fake. Every now and then there are advertisements showcasing the facilities that they provide and what all benefits that others can get. Primary motive is not what kind of quality education that they are providing but, what profit that they are going to earn.

We need to be alert in choosing the best for us.