Activity Based Learning for Kids

For children to learn new things is a bit difficult and when we talk about studies it becomes even harder for them, as it requires more concentration and at the same time the kids mind diverts very easily. Because of which the curriculum taught in schools needs to have repetition to let them recall everything.

If the kid doesn't find the subject interesting obviously he would divert to the other things as he doesn't find the fun factor in it. Concentration is the main factor to learn anything because of which we remember even the things taught in childhood after we grow up.
When the same learning or the things being taught is converted in the interest of the kids, it helps him get more and more involved in it. Like when we try to teach the alphabets by playing a game, it makes the task easier and also the kid gets a chance to mingle with others with the learning going side by side. When the kid starts learning things in this manner not only he grasps everything easily but also opens up.

Overall, Activities has only positive effects in the learning process. So, rather than focusing on the books more number of activities should be added to the school curriculum.

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