Where Do We Stand?????

We are in the 21st century but still we are lagging behind. We have access to technology, have lots of resources, government is providing with all the helps required but still the conditions haven't changed much.

When we start counting the best schools, colleges and universities, we can count them on fingers. Government has opened several schools where kids can get their free education. There are several scholarships being provided to the ones who can't afford higher education. We have been given independence to choose our own streams and follow our dreams. But still where exactly is the loop hole??? If we get the answer to this question half of the problem will be solved.
It’s been from a long while that India has been considered to be a developing nation, which needs to be changed. And to bring on this change the roots needs to be strengthened, and then only there will be improvements.

Start thinking, as to how we can bring the changes in the education system. Though it may be a small contribution but still it will have its own impact.

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